White House Pledges $1 Billion for At-Home Covid Tests

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White House Pledges $1 Billion for At-Home Covid Tests

Jeffrey D. Zients, the White House’s Covid-19 coordinator, said the investment would help make 200 million at-home rapid coronavirus tests available to Americans each month starting in December.

In the past few months, testing has increased, particularly at-home testing, a convenient option that came to market earlier this year. To meet this increased demand, the president’s plan ramps up both the availability of test and access to free testing. And today we’re making another billion dollar investment to further mobilize testing manufacturers. This means companies will be able to expand production of tests even further based on the United States government’s commitment to procure an additional 180 million rapid tests over the course of the next year, with tens of millions more tests coming to market over the course of the next 30 days. Today’s billion-dollar investment to further expand testing production puts us on track to quadruple the amount of at home rapid tests available for Americans by December. So that means we’ll have available supply of 200 million rapid at-home tests per month starting in December, with supply of tens of millions of additional tests coming on the market across the next few weeks.

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