What lifestyle changes can be made to Prevent ED?

What lifestyle changes can be made to Prevent ED
What lifestyle changes can be made to Prevent ED

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What lifestyle changes can be made to Prevent ED?

An individual is considered to be having erectile dysfunction when there is an issue in attaining and keeping erections long enough for attaining desirable sexual activity or it is serving as an interfering factor with other sexual activities as well. Modification in lifestyle for improving or preventing ED.

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Medical conditions are the most common causative factors which are responsible for assisting men in achieving & maintaining subsequent erections. However, at times, impotence can also be caused due to the choices in once lifestyle. Thus through alternation in lifestyle choices, ED can be cured as well as prevented.  Some modifications in the lifestyle may prove to be effective in improving the condition of impotence.

Lifestyle alternation strategies for preventing impotence

So when you are searching for ways to improve your ED condition or taking some measures to prevent it, modification in the lifestyle could be the key component of your plan.

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 Follow the lifestyle alternation measures listed below which could take you on the road to achieve good health and prevent symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Consuming balanced diet

An inadequately balanced diet not only impacts the overall energy level of an individual but can also do greater than that. There can be signs of some of the common physiological disorders like clogging of arteries, diabetes, cardiovascular syndromes, hypertension, and much more. All such physiological syndromes are considered as the causative and risk factors of the erectile issues. Thus consumption of a diet that is heart-healthy will be leading to the improvement in the flow of blood all throughout the body parts & this includes the penile region as well.

So it is always important to reduce the fats and sugar-rich foods in your diet and there should be the addition of more healthy foods like fruits, vegetables in the dietary plan. Through the improvement of overall health and well-being, there will be a reduction in the risk factors being associated with erectile issues.

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Exercising Regularly

Exercising on a routine basis will be reducing out the stress and also lead to an enhancement in the energy level of the person. Through the adoption of just 30 minutes exercising routine, five times in the entire week only, the person will be capable of improving sexual health as well as overall well being. It also leads to an improvement in the functioning of the circulatory system, prevents out the blockage in the arteries, and also keeps the cardiac system function adequately.

Weight management

Being obese or overweight can have a detrimental impact on the penile tissues. When men become obese, there is the tendency of the accumulation of fat within the lower region of the abdomen and also towards the pubic portion towards the penile base. 

However, from certain of the conflicting studies, it is still not very clear whether there is a direct correlation between obesity & erectile dysfunction, or being overweight is just an associated of risk factor. But one thing is clear that obesity is of course one of the contributory factor leading to the signs of this sexual ailment.

Quitting smoking

As per the review report in one of the studies, it has been found that males who have been smoking more cigarettes were found to be significantly at a greater risk of erectile dysfunction. So, all those males who are able to quit smoking were likely to improve out the symptoms of their erection problems to a significant extent in comparison to the ones who keep on smoking.


It is undeniably true that to certain extend the signs of erectile dysfunction impacts the self-esteem of an individual. At times, men hesitate to talk about it openly. However, this sexual dysfunction is not something that is uncommon these days. Thus, it is extremely crucial for the sufferer to simply acknowledge and discuss out the individualized condition with the doctor. At times, this sexual ailment may also be the causative factor of anxiety or even depression.

The individual & couple counseling can assist out in uncovering the root cause of this sexual disorder. A trained psychologist and psychiatrist can help out in the individualized management of anxiety, depression, eliminating the signs & symptoms of erectile failures, and preventing this issue to return again. The couple counseling by the therapist can assist out both the partners to communicate about their feelings and determine the healthy, constructive, and most appropriate means to effectively manage and cope up with this sexual ailment.

Herbal and complementary therapies

There are certain specialized alternative therapies like acupuncture and herbal remedies that have been found to be of help in the circumstances of frequent erectile failures. In the year 2018, a study was conducted on the ginseng formulation in view of determining its effectiveness in improving the ED symptoms, and it was found that there was a significant improvement in the signs of the erectile issue in a group of males. Apart from Herbal Supplements, You can also Choose Cenforce 100mg and Purple Triangle Pill to Cure ED Issues. 

Apart from that, other herbal formulations which imbibe the
maritime pine extract, maca, Pinus Pinester also demonstrated extremely
promising of the outcome. However, there is a need of further research to be
conducted in this particular regard.  The alternative/ complementary therapies
which are utilized for curing the ED are considered to be safest with minimal
or no adversaries when utilized under the supervision of the certified and
trained practitioner.


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