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Qanta Ahmed, MD, sleep specialist at the Winthrop-University Hospital Sleep Disorders Center in Mineola, N.Y.

Shelby Harris, PsyD, C.BSM, director of the behavioral sleep medicine program at the Sleep-Wake Disorders Center at Montefiore Medical Center in Bronx, New York.

Tracey Marks, MD, Atlanta-based psychiatrist and psychotherapist specializing in the interplay between mind and body and author of Master Your Sleep: Proven Methods Simplified. 

Myron Wentz, PhD, microbiologist, immunologist, founder of Sanoviv Medical Institute, and author of The Healthy Home.

Sally Kravitch, M.S., holistic nutrition & C.N.H.P and author of Vibrant Living.

Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, medical director of the non-profit Nutritional Magnesium Association.

Lise N. Alschuler, ND, FABNO, naturopathic physician with Board certification in naturopathic oncology, and co-author of The Definitive Guide to Cancer: An Integrative Approach to Prevention, Treatment, and Healing.

Dana H. Korey, professional organizer at Away With Clutter, Inc.

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