Achieving balance in the in-between time

It’s that strange moment between Christmas and New Year’s Eve when nobody knows what day it actually is, here are some grounding and re-centering tips to keep you moving in the right direction…

Christmas can be an amazing time of year for reconnecting with family and friends – even this year during such unsettling times we are finding ways to communicate and send love to one another. Amidst the joy can also dwell turmoil; our lives are not following the same pattern as they usually do – we over exert, over indulge and change our routine so much that we can end up not knowing what day it is! The day after Boxing Day and up until New Year’s Eve is an odd time of year as many are still on vacation but the days no longer have titles under which we carry out some forms of traditions or festivities, we are just living in a sort of limbo until the new year arrives and we can reset our intentions and get back to the life we call normal!

During these moments it is good to try to find our balance, get grounded and re-centre ourselves in preparation. The following tips are designed to help us achieve this and carry on our day with strength and purpose and feeling settled.



An amazing way to revitalise and get your energy levels back on track. Take off your shoes and socks and walk around on a natural surface such as sand, earth, rock, etc. for a minimum of twenty minutes. If you have the opportunity taking a walk in the ocean is even better. The natural energy – the vibrations, pass between us and the earth and serve to balance our own energy. Plus you’re getting a bit of exercise done and some fresh air at the same time.

Soak up some rays

Getting your Vitamin D the natural way can help to re-energise our muscles from within the cells. Full exposure of the skin to the sun, with no sunscreen, is the optimal way to absorb the essential vitamin. During the winter months it can be difficult to achieve this but it really is the best way, so if you can find a place to soak up some rays this week, you’ll feel brighter and lighter, re-energised and stronger.


It sounds like something we don’t need to think about doing as we carry out the act all the time but a conscious, focussed breath work session can really help to reset our mindset, re-energise, set our intentions and help us find balance. Consciously controlling our breathing can relax us, reduce stress, and improve our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. There are many techniques out there so various exercises can be tested out to find the methods that suit you best.

You time

This is one of the most important exercises that we simply must keep up at all times in order to find our balance and be our whole selves. Taking time out and doing something which you love, enjoy or even need to make you feel good. It could be that you take ten minutes to stretch, meditate, soak in a hot bath, or simply sit in your favourite chair with your favourite mug of tea, call a friend, listen to music – anything that makes you, you! Loving yourself is equally as important as loving others.

Physical care

Amidst the overindulgence we have to find time to exercise, sleep well, eat well and keep hydrated; the four pillars of physical care which also support our mental health.

Say no

Turning down that which we really don’t want to is a form of self care! There is nothing wrong with simply saying no and doing what we prefer to do.

Digital break


Give yourself time away from screens, social media, responding to others and generally being online. If you are on a screen limit your time and be sure not to use one right before going to bed as this can interrupt your sleep pattern. Try to keep your devices out of the bedroom altogether.

Lift spirits

Once you have dealt with your own, how about trying to lift someone else’s spirits. Many people struggle throughout the festive period as stress levels can sky rocket. Offer your grounding tips or simply be a shoulder to cry on or an ear to bend for someone in need. You’ll find this will also give you a personal boost.

Laugh or cry

Releasing emotions can be an amazing way to reset yourself. Having a good laugh with a friend, watching a funny movie, or shedding a few tears can really open you up to

Count your blessings

When we are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or perhaps just a bit down or over stretched it presents us with the perfect time to reflect, take stock and count our blessings. Contemplate your life and all the positive sides of it, find what you are grateful for and reset your intentions for the day on these grounds, you’ll find yourself floating a lot lighter than before.

However you manage this bridge between festivities, try to use these tips throughout life in general and allow yourself to find that balance whenever you need it.

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